The atlas legacy book front cover

The Atlas Legacy by Colin Newton

360 degrees

The division of a circle into 360 degrees is very ancient and goes back to the era of the ancient maps.  The significance of 360 is that its prime factorisation is 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 5, thus making it evenly divisible by every single digit number except 7, and […]

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Ultima Thule

I’m hoping to get a sequel story out some day.  The target this time is the truth about Ultima Thule – not the Kuiper Belt object, nor the supposed Aryan homeland, but the northern land visited by the explorer Pytheas just before 300BC.  So far Bethany has found a clue to Thule’s location while volunteering […]

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The Ancient Sea Kings and Answers News

I just came across the current edition of Answers News from Answers in Genesis, via their web site. They picked up the issue of ancient maps from the last time that Antarctica was ice-free. I’ve tried before to tell the major creation organisations that this is a key topic, seems like they might finally be […]

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