The atlas legacy book front cover

The Atlas Legacy by Colin Newton

The Ancient Sea Kings and Answers News

I just came across the current edition of Answers News from Answers in Genesis, via their web site. They picked up the issue of ancient maps from the last time that Antarctica was ice-free. I’ve tried before to tell the major creation organisations that this is a key topic, seems like they might finally be […]

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Did Magellan have access to Ancient Maps

Just been catching up on a Voyages of Discovery edition on Magellan’s voyage.  It confidently stated that South America had not been charted below 35 South when Magellan sailed in 1519 – which of course discounts Piri Re’is (1513) entirely.  However it implied that Magellan, who had spent time in the Indian Ocean, had some […]

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Masters of the Pacific Coast

I’ve been following the Masters of the Pacific Coast mini-series on catch-up TV. So we’re told that the original settlers of the Pacific Coast of Canada and the north western USA managed to develop a complex social structure, but without inventing agriculture, which would have been less efficient than a hunter-gathering lifestyle in that environment. […]

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