The atlas legacy book front cover

The Atlas Legacy by Colin Newton


Welcome to the Atlas Legacy project. This is my attempt to re-examine ancient history and associated mysteries, by examining religious and traditional sources as well as the academic consensus, and trying to see where pieces of the puzzle fit together. I have presented this in fictionalised form in my novel The Atlas Legacy. I believe that the results of my analysis carry present day significance, and hope to develop the themes further during the coming years.

Ancient history is a hobby rather than a specialisation for me. I think my particular qualifications to tackle the subject are the facility to switch between different approaches as required, and ability to judge whether different lines of evidence are converging on a common solution or contradicting one another. I find that many of the unorthodox views in this area are great on speculative leaps of imagination but poor on evaluating them. Cultivating good judgement, and finding the right foundation on which to base that judgement, is therefore key to uncovering the truth.

This site exists both to promote the book and to encourage constructive discussion of the issues raised. I advise new readers to steer clear of the Blog section, as this will contain spoilers for the story.


  • Can it be true that large areas of the world were surveyed in ancient times, to a
    decent level of accuracy?
  • Why should the people choose to do this?
  • Is there a person in the ancient sources who is forever linked to the surveying project?
  • What was the spiritual and political state of the world at that time – does it have instructive parallels for our own day?